Friday, September 24, 2010

Joy is a warm bath !

I WANT this tub !

When I was traveling for IHG, I was lucky enough to be treated to a beautiful suite in one of the lovely Holiday Inns in Indiana.  Imagine my delight when I walked into the oversized bathroom to find this lovely, deep soaking tub!   Aaaaah !
Our little farm house doesn't have a bathtub, we only have a shower.  And when I travel, I don't usually like sitting in a hotel bathtub.  This time I made the exception. 
Tonight I'm wondering... how often do I fail to find joy in the small daily things I do? If I had a tub, would I take time to truly relax and let my mind reset itself to a calmer more lucid time, would I allow my muscles to un-tense... would I let "Calgon take me away" ??   And like that night in Indiana, would I stay until I was PRUNE-Y ?  

The joy of the Lord is my strength...

Jesus Laughing

I love this picture.  Laughter plays a huge part in my life.  In my coping skills.  In my health and mental / emotional well-being.  The image of our most loving God laughing brings great comfort to me.  Look around you  (wink)  you KNOW God had to have a sense of humor !

Getting Serious about blogging

This is the view from my deck.  Who couldn't be joyful here?

I have a lot of time on my hands. I've been unemployed since February... yet, here it is late September ! Where did all that time go?
There is no need to try and catch up now. Just move forward. Suffice it to say that since February:
  • I went into a deep depression, but came out on the other side with an entirely new perspective (as will become evident as I continue to write).
  • Crystal Bowesox did NOT win American Idol :( BIG disappointment for me).
  • As The World Turns ended last week. I grew up with the iconic Hughes family. I cried as Dr. Bob Hughes turned off the light in his office with an emotional "Good Night", and the globe on his desk glowed in the dark and began to turn!
  • We've had the hottest and dryest summer on record.
  • I've lost 33 pounds since Feb. 4th! Yes, you read that correctly... THIRTY-THREE POUNDS!
I will be writing about all of these things and more, and how they influence and filter my perspective in my search for ... J-O-Y.

Stay tuned !