Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Losing your but...

This morning I was enjoying my favorite TV Evangelist Joyce Meyer (joycemeyerministries.com).  When I say 'watching', I mean dusting or doing dishes while she talks.  Suddenly, I heard her say "...lose your butts".   Well, that immediately got my full attention, as I have plenty of THAT to lose!

Come to find out, it was a different kind of "butt" to which she was referring, BUT it was the message that God wanted me to hear.

How many of you can relate to some of these comments:
"I'd go to church Sunday, but..."
"I'd be happier, but..."
"I'd really like to help out, BUT..."
"I don't want to have hurt feelings, BUT..."
"I would exercise more... eat healthier... take more time with my kids...  spend more time in prayer... BUT!
This list can go on and on about why we act, think, believe the way we do.  We find reasons for not doing the good and rightful things; things that would please God, bless another, help a community, make things easier at home with a spouse or other family.  We find reasons to not do many things that God places on our hearts...  it is then that we use our BUTS.

God's message to me this morning was loud and clear


Saturday, May 12, 2012

What is it about the combination of sweet and hot?

One thing that brings me great joy is good food.  And when that "good food" is actually good for me, I feel doubly blessed!

Today's lunch was a salad that I learned to make from a friend of mine who is a pilot for US Airways.

I call it             Capt. Tom's Heart Healthy Salad

It's very healthy and tremendously delicious.


2 cups Romaine washed and torn in bite size pieces
Sprinkle lettuce with about a teaspoon of Lemon Juice

Mix Dressing:
2 Tablespoons of good grade Olive Oil
1 packet artificial sweetner of choice (I use Splenda)
1/8 tsp. of Ceyenne Pepper
Stir until well blended then drizzle over the Romaine

Crush 4 - 6 Salad Croutons (I use Marzetti's Garlic 'n Butter) and sprinkle over the salad
Top with a sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese
Toss and enjoy!

*add on options  - pecans, cranberries, diced chicken, pine nuts

I personally like it plain and simple... sometimes I toss in some cranberries.

Add a glass of ice water with extra lemon and you have a light and refreshing meal !

Friday, May 11, 2012

I LOVE RAIN... and I love the Daily OM

May 11, 2012


Cleansing Nature
On the next rainy day, imagine the rain washing away and cleansing your emotional body.

There are times when we might feel the need to wash away all of our troubles and call forth freshness into our lives. Since perhaps the most cleansing substance on this earth is water, we can think of the joy rain brings as an energetic bath, rejuvenating our minds, bodies and souls. Just being able to spend a few moments every time it rains to become aware of the healing powers water brings to us can renew us in so many ways. As we do this we will find that the more we appreciate the universe’s gift to us in the form of rain, the more we can see that a gentle rain shower is a strong reflective tool that has the ability to cleanse our entire being.

The next time it rains might be a good chance to experience the rain through all of your senses, allowing you to truly understand just how truly important each and every drop of water is. First, take a few minutes to look outside and notice how each individual raindrop seems to come down in a continual stream. By noticing this you can contemplate how it takes many small accomplishments to create the whole of your existence, for nothing exists in isolation. Then you might wish to focus your attention on the sound of the rainfall, letting the sounds of drops penetrate into the innermost recesses of your self. Listening in this way may bring you a greater sense of connection with nature and the world around you, knowing that the sounds you hear are an integral part of not just the physical sustenance you require but also nourish your spirit as well.

Consciously using our senses to feel nature’s healing energy as it comes to us in the form of rain is an act of internal cleansing. Just as the rain physically washes over the earth and rinses out any impurities and imperfections, so it also bathes our spirit in the joy that comes from knowing that we are in fact one with the world around us.


”When the time comes for you to die, you need not be afraid, because death cannot separate you from God’s love.” ~ Charles H. Spurgeon

In Memory of my wonderful husband of 39 years who passed this life April 27, 2012 and joined our son in Heaven: