Sunday, November 7, 2010

There is JOY in the morning!

"May all beings learn how to nourish themselves with joy each day."    Thich Nhat Hanh

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hung out to dry...

As winter nights approach, I've pulled out the down comforter, flannel sheets and mattress heating pad.  Nothing like a nice toasty bed on a cold winter's day!

I wanted to freshen them up after being stored away for months to I hung them out in the sun and brisk breeze... the fresh smell took me back to my childhood and the wringer washer, rinse tub and clotheslines. The towels and jeans would be a little stiff, but OHhhhh the fragrance of sunshine and fresh air!  No one has been able to reproduce THAT fragrance.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I did. Did you?

Abundance is my birthright...

I'm still participating in the online course to help re-align my financial balance with the Universe as I claim that which is mine.

I can honestly stay that positive affirmations, regardless of the subject, truly work!  I will not provide in-depth details of the class, but as I began, I will give you a little 'taste' and some personal results.

Lesson 4: Provided a prosperity symbol that should be placed in plain view.  A place where it would be seen often... a reminder that all I need is provided easily and abundantly.

Lesson 5: Is an ongoing project as I collect items to place in a Feng Shui Wealth Vase.

Lesson 6: Is collecting a few ounces of water from places that represent success or financial wealth, and pouring the collected waters into a vase that sits in the kitchen.

That catches me up.  I am heading out to vote and to collect the waters.  I'm thinking I'll drop by a couple of banks and get some from the water fountain, and maybe in a few days I'll get some from the Belterra Casino.

** As for results or signs that all this is working:
It appears my issues with Unemployment are worked out, and I recieved all past monies owed, on Saturday. 
I needed a new printer cartridge, and found a Target Gift Card from last Christmas.  The card was $25, the cartridge cost $25.96 ! 
In searching for a job close to home, with daytime hours and benefits...  a new dental office is looking for an office manager position (4 miles up the road), and I am not freaking out 'WANTING' the position, I am trusting it will be mine if it's meant to be.  I know the right job for me is out there... I won't settle.

So off I go to do my duty and vote!!

If you can believe the 'wooly worm'...

It's going to be a MILD winter !