Monday, October 18, 2010

OK, so I need to get serious again

I've lost 35 lbs since February!  That's wonderful, isn't it??  Well, I still have 30 more to go.  Currently I'm at a standstill... a plateau.  I am bouncing between 173 - 175, and I can't seem to break the 173 'pound barrier' !  LOL

So, today I'm going to focus on moving more.  Housework, although helpful, is NOT to be considered exercise!  Back to the treadmill and floor exercises.  UGH!

This is me at 173:
I'm thrilled to see that I have a WAIST... and that I don't have the muffin tops that have been with me for a couple of years!  This brings me JOY.   

I will post my progress each week... complete with photos!  This will give me some accountability.