Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Abundance is my birthright...

I'm still participating in the online course to help re-align my financial balance with the Universe as I claim that which is mine.

I can honestly stay that positive affirmations, regardless of the subject, truly work!  I will not provide in-depth details of the class, but as I began, I will give you a little 'taste' and some personal results.

Lesson 4: Provided a prosperity symbol that should be placed in plain view.  A place where it would be seen often... a reminder that all I need is provided easily and abundantly.

Lesson 5: Is an ongoing project as I collect items to place in a Feng Shui Wealth Vase.

Lesson 6: Is collecting a few ounces of water from places that represent success or financial wealth, and pouring the collected waters into a vase that sits in the kitchen.

That catches me up.  I am heading out to vote and to collect the waters.  I'm thinking I'll drop by a couple of banks and get some from the water fountain, and maybe in a few days I'll get some from the Belterra Casino.

** As for results or signs that all this is working:
It appears my issues with Unemployment are worked out, and I recieved all past monies owed, on Saturday. 
I needed a new printer cartridge, and found a Target Gift Card from last Christmas.  The card was $25, the cartridge cost $25.96 ! 
In searching for a job close to home, with daytime hours and benefits...  a new dental office is looking for an office manager position (4 miles up the road), and I am not freaking out 'WANTING' the position, I am trusting it will be mine if it's meant to be.  I know the right job for me is out there... I won't settle.

So off I go to do my duty and vote!!

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