Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Losing your but...

This morning I was enjoying my favorite TV Evangelist Joyce Meyer (joycemeyerministries.com).  When I say 'watching', I mean dusting or doing dishes while she talks.  Suddenly, I heard her say "...lose your butts".   Well, that immediately got my full attention, as I have plenty of THAT to lose!

Come to find out, it was a different kind of "butt" to which she was referring, BUT it was the message that God wanted me to hear.

How many of you can relate to some of these comments:
"I'd go to church Sunday, but..."
"I'd be happier, but..."
"I'd really like to help out, BUT..."
"I don't want to have hurt feelings, BUT..."
"I would exercise more... eat healthier... take more time with my kids...  spend more time in prayer... BUT!
This list can go on and on about why we act, think, believe the way we do.  We find reasons for not doing the good and rightful things; things that would please God, bless another, help a community, make things easier at home with a spouse or other family.  We find reasons to not do many things that God places on our hearts...  it is then that we use our BUTS.

God's message to me this morning was loud and clear


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